MyPR Experience at CASA

I am currently a member of Prestige,  a non-profit Public Relations firm on campus at Georgia Southern.  At our first meeting of the semester, I was selected to help with the Fair booths for the Statesboro and Effingham CASA’s.  In case you are unaware, CASA is a non-profit organization that is affiliated with the United […]

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Catch you on the flip side!

How to Rotate an Text Box in InDesign I have recently been working to familiarize myself with the publications program InDesign. Though I am familiar with Publisher, I have found InDesign to be a bit more challenging. One technique that I have managed to use successfully is rotating a text box, which I learned how […]

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My name is Jamie Bohannon and I am graduate of Georgia Southern University with a B.S. in Public Relations.   I am currently Gallery Associate at the Grand Bohemian Gallery at the Mansion on Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA.  This blog is an insight into experiences I have gained, as well as techniques I have found helpful in my journey through the Public Relations career.