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How to Rotate an Text Box in InDesign

I have recently been working to familiarize myself with the publications program InDesign.

Though I am familiar with Publisher, I have found InDesign to be a bit more challenging.

One technique that I have managed to use successfully is rotating a text box, which I learned how to do while creating a vertical-style business card in class.  It can be tricky, but it is possible for even a beginner using these easy steps:

1. Select the text box

2. Select your point of reference on the Control pallet

3. Select the rotate tool

4. Move your Rotate Tool away from the reference point (the farther the better)

5. Drag the tool in the direction you want your item to rotate.

Here’s a Hint:  If you want to rotate your object 45% or a multiple of 45%, hold down shift as you use the Rotate Tool.

Picture Adapted from: Desktop Publishing


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