MyPR Experience at CASA

I am currently a member of Prestige,  a non-profit Public Relations firm on campus at Georgia Southern.  At our first meeting of the semester, I was selected to help with the Fair booths for the Statesboro and Effingham CASA’s.  In case you are unaware, CASA is a non-profit organization that is affiliated with the United Way.  Its main goal is to help children who are caught in custody battles or just need to be taken away from an unsafe home. 

 Because I have worked for the Heart of Georgia United Way, I knew pretty much what to expect from the organization.

As I made appointment after appointment to meet with the local head of CASA, I was later informed that the booth for the Statesboro fair had been cancelled.  “No Biggie”, I thought, I’ll just get involved with the booth for the Effingham Fair.  Upon making a successful appointment with the organization’s head, I had finally gotten a list of tasks to complete, including a tri-fold board to display at the fair. 

To my dismay, two days later I received yet another onimous call from CASA.  The Effingham fair was actually being held the week before I was told my deadline was (this past week).  So, unfortunately I was unable to contribute in any way due to faulty communication and sheer human error.  I understand that people make mistakes, and mosly I am sad that I was unable to do my job for the organization. 

I had spoken with CASA previously about creating a new brochure as soon as their current ones are all used.  I have managed to receive some components for the brochures (pictures of children in the program, statistics, and other graphics) so hopefully I will be able to assist them in the near future.


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